Home of Love, Peace, Care and Nursing Services for the Unassisted Senior Citizens and Handicapped Persons.  

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Aaghosh Trust has been providing its uncountable services with the great passion for humanity for more than 14 years. Aaghosh started its pronounced mission in 2003, and rendering their services with sincerity to needy persons with disabilities and unassisted senior citizens. Aaghosh Home has been setup with the aim of providing shelter, hygienic food, medical assistance and home like environment with peace of mind to those unassisted, handicapped and senior women who do not have anyone who can take care of them. Many of them are old age handicapped ladies or those old widow mothers who lost their son and the only bread earner in some incident. Women adduced in Aaghosh home have faced many difficulties, hurdles and mishaps in their lives, due to this most of them are psychotic patient or mentally and physically handicapped. In Aaghosh Home these women get relieved of their worries of surviving in this harsh world alone especially in their old age and find them a new life with all basic needs with extra care and attention.


With corrective education and vocational training, Aaghosh has made these handicapped people capable to an extent such that they can stand on their own feet and now can earn by themselves. We have also arranged exhibitions in different hotels, seminars even in expo center to show people that if we provide the required attention and facilities to these disabled people, they can perform better and can be able to earn by themselves instead of begging. The purpose behind this was to realize that handicapped people are not a burden; they can be a productive for our society if we fulfill their needs. The existence of special children schools and training centers are a doubtless proof that Aaghosh has been able to create awareness to help handicapped people in getting their legal rights in the society. Moreover, it has not only empathized with their needs but also fulfilled them.

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Aaghosh Rozgar scheme

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Aaghosh Home

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Aaghosh awards

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Shagufta Saba

Founder and President

“ Old people want to enjoy good health and remain independent for as long as possible. As people get older remaining independent often depends on health and social care service being effective enough to support them. Elderly people are the users of health and social care services but sometimes services have not adequately addressed needs. Aaghosh Home has the comprehensive strategy to ensure fair, high quality, integrated health and social care services for elderly people. Our focus is to provide our health care services to the unassisted old age people but unfortunately due to meager resources we are now providing shelter to abandoned old age females only. Insha Allah we will expand our domain and provide shelter to unassisted old age males as well, but this can only be possible with the help of generous and kind hearted people. I request to all philanthropist and individuals to come forward, visit us and see by yourself how dedicatedly we are working. We need your support and corporation to facilitate more deserving people. 

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